The beginning of the school year is often a difficult transition for military youth: not knowing anyone in their new schools, who they will sit with in the lunchroom or who they can walk with to class.


Kids Rank Camp aims to help bridge this transition especially as schools look to open to in-person learning in the fall. The camp will serve as a way of helping new military kids joining the community to transition into the school year with some already established connections.

Kids Rank Spotlight

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Like most things in the past year, Kids Rank pivoted to provide programming from a distance! Our goal was to minimize screen time and keep Pride Members engaged with hands on activities. Every 2-3 week, Pride Members received materials for the next weeks' activities. Their Pride Leader would give instruction on the Zoom call and use the 45 minutes to give Pride Members a chance to connect with one another. The Pride Members would then complete activities in the days between Zoom calls to earn their ribbons of Motivation, Justice, Equity, and Patience!