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  4.    Military Children Caregivers (click to view)

  5.    School/Education (click to view)

  6.    Military Moms (click to view)

  7.    Community Partner: Sesame Street (click to view)

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  9.    Community Partner: USO (click to view)

  10.    Special Needs (click to view)

  11.    Resilient Communities  (click to view)

  12.    Bullying and Suicide Prevention

Bullying and Suicide Prevention


OUR FOUNDATIONS series consist of
a three part process



and promotion


Twelve dedicated conversation sessions


Analysis and evaluation

for future programming and outreach services


Why a Conversation

Kids Rank is seeking to influence the mental health and wellbeing of military and veteran children.  Kids Rank, a 501c3 organization founded in 2011, is proud to present a series of conversations dedicated to the mental health and well-being of military youth. 

Our series will create a professional development space that will enhance the collaboration of mental health service providers throughout the civilian sector. Our goal is to build communities of care to best serve the military youth. We believe their unique life experiences require professionals to possess a deep understanding rooted in military culture and how it intersects with the civilian world. 

Through the joint effort of the professional partners each conversation will discuss foundational elements that are impactful on military youth and how they affect their lives and growth.

Target audience/participants are the teachers, counselors, social workers and psychologists within the school systems surrounding the military commands; additionally, the practitioners, clinicians, community leaders who serve military children and families.  For purposes of growth and development the professional development programs such as the graduate students pursuing their masters or doctorates in psychology, family therapy and social work will be included as well.

The purpose to guide the conversation to see best practices, procedures, understanding of military culture and how it affects military youth within the mainstream civilian settings differently from that of a civilian youth and find the gaps in services that need to be filled. 

Foundations Logo-4x.png

How can you help?

Your fully tax-deductible financial support

will help achieve the following:

  • Outreach to established and proven clinicians and practitioners to serve as guest speakers for the conversations

  • Marketing and promotion to targeted audiences

  • Dedicated support staff to conduct the communications, website management, and social media campaigns required 

  • Analysis and evaluation of the conversation series itself to identify gaps, suggested process improvement, and creation of new programming to help bridge existing gaps in the civilian community where our military youth need better support

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