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A Sweet Story...

Dear Cookie Lovers,

As the result of a Kids Rank entrepreneurial program, Sweets by Kids is a mock company fully created and operated by military children. Our whole team has worked hard and contributed to developing an amazing cookie recipe, elected Officers of the company, assigned roles and responsibilities, raised start-up capital, designed our logo and now we are marketing our delicious product that will leave you hungry for more.

As you may know, military children often move from place to place without ever developing substantial relationships. Although many people go through this throughout their lives, not all military children get to establish a friendship before having to pick up and move across the country or even around the world.

By purchasing cookies from Sweets by Kids, your contribution will not only help us succeed in running our own business but help the business move forward for the next group of military children that join Kids Rank and our company. You will be giving us something to look forward to at the end of the day no matter where we live. Contributing to this business will help keep us connected, not just to you, but to each other.

Thank you for supporting Sweets by Kids.


2022 SBK Cookie & Team

Cookie Creator: Madison, Navy Child

Our 2022 cookie flavor is Choc-O-Zest! It is a semi sweet chocolate chunk cookie with a hint of orange taking us to summer memories, like eating Creamsicles at the playground!

2022 SBK Team.jpg

2019 SBK Cookie & Team

Cookie Creator: Avery, Army Child

Lemon-Der is our 2019 cookie flavor option created by Avery, the child of an Army service member, a lemon lavender cookie. The flavor was inspired by a lemonade contest Avery and her twin sister entered in school. This cookie would be great with a nice cup of tea.


Finance Team


PR Team


Logistics Team


Marketing Team

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2018 SBK Cookie & Team

Cookie Creator: Maddie, U.S. Marine Child

Choc-A-Lot our first cookie flavor was created in 2018 by Maddie a child of a U.S. Marine service member is a decadent chocolate cookie perfect with milk, ice cream or coffee!


Finance Team

PR Team.jpg

PR Team

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Logistics Team

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Marketing Team

Thank you to our Partners & Mentors
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