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volunteer as a pride co-leader

As a co-leader, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of utilizing your training, personal experience, and the Kids Rank curriculum to support our leaders in providing guidance to military children, weekly,  in a group (Pride) setting.


Each child has his or her own experience of being a military kid. Some will have never traveled and only have lived in one place and others may have been all over the world and been enrolled in several different schools. The thing that they will have in common is that their parent is or has served our country in some manner. This idea of sacrifice and service is something that military children are doing most times without understanding what it means. The goal of the Kids Rank Clubs is for them to begin to recognize their strengths and we need to co-leaders to help them achieve that goal.

We need dedicated individuals and community members to use their breadth of experiences to cultivate relationships and a sense of belonging for military kids in and around their neighborhoods.  

Help us:

  • Organize weekly activities designed to promote physical, mental, and social development. 

  • Develop and maintain relationships with pride members on a weekly basis

  • Reward children with specific Ribbons that are earned throughout sessions.

  • Communicate with children's parents or guardians about activities, behaviors, and related issues.

Become A

As a Pride Leader you will guide Members as they work towards the Kids Rank Mission of CONNECT, LEAD and SERVE.


This school year long position involves guiding Club Members towards their goal of obtaining ribbon achievements in a variety of categories through team building activities and community service. Club meetings will typically be held after school once a week. Club leaders will also have

the opportunity to supervise field trips and volunteer outings.

Kids Rank was developed to help military children recognize and develop their positive characteristics while connecting them with other military children facing the same struggles within the military lifestyle. Kids Rank creates a positive group interaction while promoting the military value of responsibility for the wellbeing of its members, local community, school and their neighborhood.

  • Smoother transition into new schools and communities

  • A caring support system of other members and adult leaders

  • Instilling a sense of purpose and strong character

  • Pride in what their parents do for our country

Kids Rank Pride Leaders are trained according to Kids Rank’s formal, written standards in working with our member children. Standards include a mandatory background check and screening.


Training Instruction will be given prior to supervising club meetings.

Corporate Partner Anchor



Kids Rank partners with corporations and businesses to empower military children, their families and the communities in which they are currently calling home. Corporate partners benefit in many ways including: community recognition, volunteer opportunities, tax deduction and a favorable image in the minds of its stakeholders. Organizations are enriched by the experience of supporting military children that face frequent transitions, separations and challenges unique to their family dynamic. In addition to these intrinsic benefits, Kids Rank strives to offer meaningful recognition for our corporate partners through our 3 pillars of CONNECT, LEAD and SERVE.

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(Teamwork) Military children begin to understand the uniqueness of their families as they engage in activities bonding with other military children.

KR Icons-02.png

(Empower) Military children begin to discover their own talents; their abilities to use their critical thinking skills to help solve problems and bring about change in their communities.

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(Take Action) Military children begin to learn their new environment and how to care for others when planning and executing service projects.



(Empower) Military children begin to discover their own talents; their abilities to use their critical thinking skills to help solve problems and bring about change in their communities.

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